"Sine Marie creates haunting and dreamy illustrations of fictional characters. Some are cute, some are quirky and some are nearly melancholy. All of them resonate the same style and are easily recognisable as Sine Marie’s work."

- Handmade in Norway

Sine Marie Brastad

Artist/Illustrator and Tattoo Artist

I am an artist from Norway, who mainly works in drawing, painting and tattooing. I have a distinctive streak, which cannot be concretely compared with what has been or is on the artist market today.

I am a trained tattoo artist, and I am an avid collector of comic books, which has helped to influence the line and style of the art I create.

I like to mix styles and techniques and use everything from pastels and watercolor to ink and acrylic.

Much of my unique style has been inspired by my interests and work, but is often presented in a much more serious outfit that often ends up in a work of art that has countless hours of work, feelings and thoughts behind it.



Utstilling under "Vestfossen 24 timer"


"Dreams beyond reality"


" v e k t l ø s "


«Av jord er du kommet, vi tar det derfra…»


Amatørutstilling på Krutthuset i Stavern